Take control!

Oops, did you forget to pay that invoice? It can be tough to remember where you received an invoice. With mInvoice, it's easy to avoid collection letter fees and debt collection charges, even if you are on holiday abroad or are in a hurry.

mInvoice is a new distribution channel where you can receive all your invoices in one place, instead of in e-mails, mailbox or online banks.

With just a few keystrokes, you can gather all your service providers in one place. In addition, you can chat with others who have the same services as you. Here you can discuss your own experiences, share advice and get help.

The service is 100% independent of banks and addresses, so you can both move and change your banking relationships whenever you want.

With mInvoice, you get control, anywhere, anytime!

How does it work?
What is mInvoice?

A quick introduction to mInvoice

What is InfoShare?

A new way to communicate with your service providers