Huge savings for your company

Does your business pay unnecessarily to produce and send invoices?

With our digital platform, all intermediaries can be removed, such as email, e-invoice and paper invoices. It allows your customers to gather all invoices in one place and at any time, regardless of banks and addresses for a much better customer experience.

To you, this means no more returned mails, lower billing costs and more payers on time.

In addition, you have the opportunity to get to know your existing customers better and can also reach them directly with customized messages.

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Invoice channel

Send your invoices directly from mInvoice to your existing customers. With our direct invoice integration, you can send your invoice information right from your existing system to the ones you want without unnecessary and expensive intermediaries.

A direct link also opens up opportunities for communicating with your customers.


By using mInvoice as a distribution channel, you have access to reports and analytics that provide valuable information about your customers' user experiences.

You can also learn how your company is doing compared to others in the same industry.


Do you have an online store where your customers may want to pay later? With mInvoice, you can give customers the opportunity to delay the payment for 14 days after sending an invoice directly to mInvoice.

You are still the owner of the invoice. mInvoice is the distribution channel.

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