About us
Sonni Christine Jakobsen
CEO & co-founder

Over 13 years of experience in debt collection, billing, credit and banking/finance.

Org. psychology, Master Executive BI, business strategy and innovation. Entrepreneurial experience.

Stian Strandem
CTO & co-founder

Founder and owner of EONBIT AS. Over 15 years of experience with development of tailored Web solutions.

Full stack expertise on the backend and the frontend.

Board member in minvoice.

Erik Vasaasen
CIO & co-founder

IT consultant for over 20 years. Long experience in programming and system design.

Master’s degree in Org. psychology. Developed patented solutions. Entrepreneurial experience.

mInvoice AS
  • mInvoice - A new and innovative distribution channel for consumers
  • Founded June 2016
  • Full support from Innovation Norway and SkatteFUNN
  • Finalist in The Factory's accelerator program in the fall of 2016
  • Approved as financial institution by the norwegian finance supervisory authority (Finanstilsynet)
  • Cooperation with Compello AS and PayEx