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Get control of all your invoices and service providers

mInvoice for consumers: Get control!

mInvoice is the next generation service platform. As a consumer you get a complete overview over all your service providers. Receive and pay your invoices, both in app and online.

The service is 100% bank independent, which means you no longer need to receive invoices via online banking, e-mail or in your mailbox. Now you can move and change bank without it affecting your regular payments.

With mInvoice you have the complete control, everywhere, anywhere!

1. Overview of unpaid invoices

Here you get an overview of all your invoices. You can also view and save the invoices in PDF format. You can choose to forward the invoices to your employer, partner, friends or someone who will do the payment for you.

2. Add Payment

You can choose to pay the invoice on the due date or set it to pay automatically each month.

3. Payment overview

Get a quick overview of all your approved invoices and service providers.

How much does mInvioice cost?

As a consumer, mInvoice is free to use.
All we want is simply for you to have the opportunity to have a complete overview of your incoming invoices. This way you can easily avoid unnecessary late payment fees and collection costs.

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Get a complete overview

Do you find it difficult to have a overview of all your service providers and invoices sent to you through e-mail, messages, online banking and in your mailbox?

By gathering all your invoices in mInvoice you get an overview of all incoming invoices, anywhere, everywhere.

mInvoice is not a bank. You can safely create an account even when you are abroad and on an insecure network. You have the overview with you anywhere in the world, both on your mobile phone and online.

Relevant information and problem solving

Via InfoShare you receive relevant information from your regular service providers. This can be updates of services, useful tips or offers.

You may also exchange experiences and knowledge with users of the same service. This way you can quickly find answers, solve problems and discover new ways of enhancing your user experience.

mInvoice for business

Does your company experience unnecessary high expenses when producing and sending invoices to your existing customers?

Our digital service platform offers marketing, customer service and invoice distribution. mInvoice removes all intermediaries such as e-mail, paper invoices and digital invoices, which enables you to cheaply and efficently send invoices to your customers.

With InfoShare you get your very own customer platform containing an overview of all sent, paid and unpaid invoices. The platform can also be used for direct marketing towards existing customers and quick and efficient customer service. Display videos, ads or other content every time the customer pays an invoice.

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Use mInvoice to achieve

  • Save time and money on invoice delivery
  • Better relationships with your customers.
  • Better effect from B2C marketing
  • Flexible payment schedule for your customers.
  • Faster cash flow for your company.
  • Less mail returned due to unknown or wrong addresses.
  • Improved overview and better customer experiences for your existing customers.
  • Show that you appreciate your customers, and that they are seen and heard.

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